Ford Explorer Provides Quality Features for Lubbock


If there's one thing you know we like to do on the Gene Messer Ford blog, it's to let you know how all our vehicles here in our Lubbock, TX showroom compare against the competition. When people see how new Ford vehicles stand out in many different ways over the competition, they'll know that stopping in to take a look in person is something that should be on their agenda when they're in the market for a new vehicle. That's why today, we're giving you yet another Ford vehicle that outdoes a competitor in…

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Ford Edge Showcases Value and Advantages in its Segment

At Gene Messer Ford, drivers in Lubbock, TX know they can count on our lineup of new Ford vehicles that are available. We have vehicle diversity with sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks, and within those segments there are many different options. Among them is the Ford Edge. The SUV has a lot of competition, because nearly every automaker out there makes a SUV of its size, but, when you take a closer look at some…

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Simple Accessories Like Splash Guards Can Do a Lot to Protect Your Ford


Here in Lubbock, we're used to having all different kinds of terrain, and it's not unusual for our vehicles to get in the dirt, sand, and gravel, or even sale and other types of surfaces. When that does happen, you do have to be aware that some of it can get up in the underbody of your vehicle, and with regular washing you can make sure it's clean, but also, accessories like Ford splash guards can also help keep those at bay.


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2018 Ford F-150 Brings Long-Awaited Diesel Among Other Powertrain and Tech Upgrades

2017 saw the lauded Ford F-150 become the most powerful tower in the half-ton pickup segment, but in 2018, it will widen its lead. That will come thanks to a new Power Stroke turbodiesel V6 mated to the same ten-speed automatic gearbox that debuted this year. But that isn’t all. New grille designs, a cleaner exterior design look, and a few tech upgrades round out the changes to America’s favorite pickup.

All told…

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Going Deep With the Sportiest Ford Fusion Model

The Ford Fusion has many talents, and among them are standing out and appealing to a wide variety of midsize sedan shoppers. Yet one of its newest models, the 2017 Fusion Sport, takes the cake for those who crave impressive performance and an upscale experience. Packing 325 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque with standard AWD, even that is just the tip of the iceberg.

While many midsize sedans play it safe with their performance-tuned…

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